Could Massage Therapy Help Me?

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Could Massage Therapy Help Me?

Could Massage Therapy Help Me?

Have you been wondering if massage therapy could help ease your headache pain? The neurologists at Northwest Neurology in Lake massage therapy

Barrington, Rolling Meadows, Arboretum South Barrington, Crystal Lake and Libertyville, IL, explains how you may benefit from massage.

How does massage therapy address headache pain?

When you get tension or migraine headaches, you’ve probably noticed that the muscles in your head, neck and shoulders become very tight. Tension in those muscles tends to worsen headache pain. Tense muscles can also cause increased pain if they press on the nerves that serve your head and neck. During a massage, the masseuse gently relaxes and loosens stiff muscles, reducing pain in the head and neck.

Massage can also be helpful in decreasing pain caused by trigger points. Trigger points are tight knots of tissues that are very sensitive to the touch. If you press on one in your neck or shoulder, you may feel pain shoot into your head.

Both migraine and tension headaches are more likely to occur if you’re stressed. Unfortunately, feeling stressed or anxious can also make the headaches worse. Massage therapy triggers the relaxation response, which can in turn decrease your stress level. Massage also prompts the brain to release of serotonin, a natural chemical responsible for mood regulation and endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers.

Massage therapy offers important benefits for both blood and lymph circulation. When blood flow improves, more oxygen reaches your cells and muscles. Enhancing lymph circulation strengthens your immune system response and makes it easier for your body to get rid of waste products.

Massage offers ongoing benefits

Massage is not only a good solution when you actually have a headache, but can also be used to prevent them. When you get regular massages at our Libertyville, Lake Barrington, Rolling Meadows, Crystal Lake or Aboretum South Barrington office, you may experience less muscle tension and stress, which can reduce the number of days you have headaches. Massage is often combined with other treatments, such as prescription medications or Botox injections for migraines, to help you spend more days pain-free.

Ready to find out if massage is a good choice for you? Call the Libertyville, Lake Barrington, Rolling Meadows, Crystal Lake or Aboretum South Barrington, IL, offices of Northwest Neurology at (847) 882-6604 to schedule an appointment.


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