EMG Test Rolling Meadows

EMG Test Rolling Meadows

At Northwest Neurology, we believe nothing is more critical to the results of your EMG test in Rolling Meadows than the accurate performance and ultimate diagnosis of your test. Our commitment to providing exceptional medical care to our patients is evidenced in our patients’ experience in our clinic.

If you’ve received a referral for an EMG test in Rolling Meadows, we’re the right call to make. You may be experiencing tingling, numbness, muscle pain, weakness or cramping, paralysis or involuntary muscle twitching that is a symptom of a serious underlying medical issue. It’s essential that you’re tested promptly by a qualified medical staff who can provide you with all available options in treatment.

Electromyography Can Detect:

Common conditions related to a pinched nerve, such as ulnar neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, or peroneal neuropathy

Radiculopathy- a pinched nerve in the spine

Diabetic neuropathy, multifocal neuropathy, CIDP, Guillan Bare or mono neuritis multiplex

ALS and other motor neuron diseases

Inflammatory myopathy, toxic myopathy, and other muscle diseases

Lumbosacral plexus disorders, such as brachial plexus

Accurate Diagnosis Leads to the Right Treatment Plan

Our facility has invested heavily in procuring the latest equipment and technology to ensure our EMG testing in Rolling Meadows is of the highest caliber. It takes more than expensive equipment to deliver the right treatment plan to patients. In fact, the EMG is unlike any other type of test in that it is reliant on the skills and knowledge of the staff who are performing the test for correct interpretation of what they see as the test unfolds.

Low-Risk Test

Patients at Northwest Neurology are often relieved to find out that the EMG test in Rolling Meadows is considered one of the lowest risk tests provided to our patients. Soreness that comes from needle insertion can be relieved with simple over-the-counter pain medication, such as Ibuprofen.

Schedule an Appointment By Phone

Whether you’ve received a physician’s referral or would like to meet with our staff without a referral, you can schedule an appointment for an EMG test in Rolling Meadows by contacting our office. You’ll also find a wide range of free resources on our website by clicking the ‘Services’ link and selecting ‘EMG/NCS’ from the list of services offered.

For additional EMG testing information, scroll down to the middle of the page and click on EMG/NCS Testing Information. You’ll find information on how to prepare for your test, why the analysis will be performed, how the EMG test works, and some conditions that may be detected by the EMG.

Don’t Settle For Second Best

There’s simply no substitute for the experience and professionalism you’ll encounter at Northwest Neurology. We have your best interest at heart from the moment you walk through our doors. It’s our primary goal to perform the right tests to accurately diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan that will help you experience life to a fuller degree.

EMG Test Rolling Meadows
Northwest Neurology
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EMG Test Rolling Meadows

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