Epilepsy Elk Grove

Epilepsy Elk Grove

Our experts from Northwest Neurology screen for epilepsy in Elk Grove. We have the equipment, experience, and skill to provide a professional diagnosis and treatment options when you come to us for answers. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy and are interested in treatment or need to confirm your suspicions that you or a family member is dealing with epilepsy, make your first call to Northwest Neuro.

How We Treat Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy in Elk Grove

Our physicians are highly trained in providing comprehensive evaluation and management to our patients with any seizure disorder. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we can offer patient-oriented care. We are proud to offer on-site EEG, video-EEG, Neuropsychology, and MRI with epilepsy protocol. Our staff will work closely with you to determine the right treatment options, including medication management and VNS and epilepsy surgery whenever necessary.

Accurate Diagnosis is Key

Without a correct diagnosis, patients can spend years of their lives trying one medication after another or undergoing unnecessary procedures that never get to the heart of the problem. Trust our physicians at Northwest Neurology for an accurate diagnosis of your condition as the foundational step in receiving the right type of treatment.

It’s a complicated process to diagnose epilepsy, however, under the right conditions, with qualified physicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we can correctly identify epilepsy. It’s important to exercise patience while working with the staff at any facility to avoid the potential of receiving an inaccurate diagnosis.

Identifying the Type of Epilepsy

An electroencephalogram is typically the first test we will perform when looking at brain activity; however some patients with epilepsy have normal EEG results, making the EEG only one in many tests we must administer. The EEG is a painless procedure that may require you to fall asleep for the test.

Our physicians may also recommend a neuropsychological test to assess your memory, thinking, and speech patterns, which can help in detecting which areas of the brain are affected by epilepsy.

New Medications to Treat Epilepsy

Modern medications allow most patients to live seizure-free lives without worrying that their daily activities will be interrupted by an epileptic seizure.  The small remaining number of patients whose seizures are not entirely controlled by medication can see a significant decrease in frequency and intensity of seizures by taking a customized combination of medications tailored to their needs.

While finding the correct medication and precise dosage can be a challenging, time-consuming process, patients who are strategic in seeking help for epilepsy in Elk Grove find that our facility can help them achieve their goals.

Today, at least half of all patients diagnosed with epilepsy can live seizure-free lives through testing and treatment. Patients who do not see results through medication may consider surgery as an option. Begin your journey to becoming seizure-free by contacting our staff at Northwest Neurology.

Epilepsy Elk Grove
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Epilepsy Elk Grove

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