Headache Libertyville

Headache Libertyville

Headaches can be one of the most life-impacting health issues we face in our day-to-day lives. They can cause immense pain, cause us to lose sleep, and even regularly miss school or work. Though highly unpleasant, headaches are one of the most natural health conditions for doctors to treat. At Northwest Neuro, we deal with patients every day who come in with a variety of different headaches. Fortunately, the location of the headaches and the kind of pain you're experiencing tells us what type of head you have and what the solution is.

Sometimes it’s easy to detect the causes of headaches. It’s not always quite so simple. Our Libertyville headache doctors know all the right questions to ask and all the proper tests to run to diagnose your condition right the first time. Sometimes there can be potentially several reasons why your headaches occur and why the pain is concentrated in a particular area. Causes can range from mild to severe.

Depending on the location and intensity of pain, along with frequency and duration of headaches, your headaches could be indicative of a more severe health problem. For example, recurring headaches early in the morning might be a sign of a tumor or sleep apnea. It is critical that you speak to a Libertyville headache doctor right away if you are experiencing these, or if you are experiencing headaches that cause changes in your vision, mood, or digestion.

Even headaches that aren’t symptomatic of serious health problems can impact our lives just as adversely. Migraines are a prime example of this truth. Migraines aren’t clinically dangerous, but they can ruin the quality of our lives. Migraines can last for several days and bring about intense pain. When a migraine occurs, it’s important that you take a painkiller after the first symptoms. Since migraines are often associated with nausea and sensitivity to light and noise, you should stay in a dark room if possible. Come into Northwest Neuro, and we’ll help you find long-lasting relief.

Other non-severe but serious headaches are ones that feel like someone is squeezing your head with a vice. These headaches begin with intense pain but gradually dissipate to medium intensity. The most common causes of these types of headaches are stress and lack of sleep. However, in some cases, it can be a sign of high blood pressure.

Also, if your headaches are causing you pain in the spinal area or in the back of your head, you may have a serious health issue. However, the cause could be something as simple as over-sitting. Try to stretch a bit and go for a walk. See if some fresh air helps. If not, contact a Libertyville headache doctor today. It’s best if you know what’s really going on with you. If you have a more serious health problem, it’s best that you know what it is. This increases the likelihood of treating and overcoming it.

If possible, try to keep a diary of your headaches. Our doctors will ask how often your pain occurs, where the pain happens, and how long it lasts. The more accurately you’re able to describe your headaches, the faster we’ll be able to identify the cause and come up with a solution.

Headache Libertyville
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Headache Libertyville

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