Headache Rolling Meadows

Headache Rolling Meadows

Headaches are always symptoms of other, more severe affections and they always get to turn our lives upside down. They can be particularly annoying when persistent or recurrent and, depending on the intensity, they might end up even drive people to the edge of depression. We take headaches very seriously here, at Northwest Neurology, especially because not all of them have benign causes.

Treating a headache in Rolling Meadows is a priority, regardless of the intensity or the duration of the symptom. Headaches that tend to last longer and manifest themselves more drastically will always take the spotlight. But even when milder than usual, a headache can still hide a more dramatic underlying affection, especially when correlated with other symptoms as well.

The most common causes of headaches and migraines include:

- Eye problems – Glaucoma is one such condition that will cause headaches as a symptom, and it can be quite annoying when left untreated

- Mastoiditis – This is an ear problem that’s caused by an inflammation of the bone, causing sometimes intense, persistent pain on the side of the head where the condition manifests itself

- Sinusitis – This is another common problem causing rather severe pain in the forehead mostly

- Dental problems – Trigeminal neuralgia is chronic pain affecting the trigeminal nerve that spreads across the jawline and around the eyes. It is one of the most severe pains a human can experience, and it can easily cause intense, recurring headaches, able to bring people to the brink of suicide

- Withdrawal – Specialists treating a headache in Rolling Meadows also need to consider the likelihood of it being triggered by withdrawal. Drug and alcohol withdrawal can sometimes cause intense headaches, and this is true for caffeine as well

- Tension headaches – These are probably the most common types, and most people have experienced them at one point or another. High levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and muscular tension can cause headaches that can become quite intense at times

Whatever the underlying cause might be, though, headaches can impact your life quite hard. You will lose your ability to focus; you won’t be able to perform even the smallest tasks, and, in time, headaches could also trigger depression, if no measures are being taken.

Solving the problem

In almost all cases, dealing with the problem is the same as dealing with the underlying cause. If what’s triggering the headache is not treated, then nothing will stop it from returning at a later date. In this regard, there are several methods which are used to identify the causes and these include:

- The MRI – A modern medical imaging which helps to point out plenty neurological diseases as multiple sclerosis, tumors or vascular malformations

- EMG – Analyzing the nervous and muscular integrity and functioning

- TCD – An ultrasound-based technique which examines the large arteries in the brain with the purpose of finding problems like carotid stenosis or the autonomic dysfunction

Treating a headache in Rolling Meadows, here at Northwest Neurology, comes with complex, modern procedures, which are only meant to identify and control or eliminate all the underlying causes for a pain-free, happier life as the ultimate goal.

Headache Rolling Meadows
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Headache Rolling Meadows

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