Migraine Headache Northbrook

Migraine Headache Northbrook

The fact that migraines and headaches are different concepts seem to baffle most people. They are entirely different, since headaches are symptoms in the case of various diseases and mental disorders, whereas migraines are mental disorders, with headaches as one of the symptoms, among many others. At Northwest Neurology, we try to make an as clearer distinction as we can, because it is one of paramount importance.

Treating a migraine headache in Northbrook always starts with diagnosing it first. And that can be a bit tricky because we don’t yet know what causes migraines. Specialists claim that this mental disorder is the result of genetics and environmental factors, some of which include:

- Different foods (salty and processed mainly), food habits, like skipping meals, or fasting, and due to food additives like aspartame and monosodium glutamate; alcohol and high-caffeine beverages may fall into this category as well

- Stressful situations, especially when intense and repeated long enough

- Sudden weather changes in the barometric pressure

- Sensorial stimuli such as loud sounds or powerful lights

- Certain medications

There are other factors which you cannot control, such as sex, age, and hormonal changes. In this sense, migraines tend to manifest more abruptly during your 30s and go downhill from there, be more prevalent in women (up to three times more prevalent), and become influenced by menopause or menstruation.

A major problem with major repercussions

“It’s just a headache; it will go away” This is what most people tend to think with regards to a migraine headache in Northbrook and all over the world really, and they couldn’t be more wrong. As statistics show, migraines can often have severe repercussions, when left untreated for longer periods of time.

According to these statistics:

- Approximately 37 million Americans suffer from migraines, with two to three million of them battling a chronic migraine

- Over 90% of migraine sufferers have stated that their normal functioning has been impeded

- 70% of the patients are women, and 70% or more have claimed that their problems come in the family

- More than half of people have claimed that their job productivity has decreased significantly as a result

- Over 70% of the patients invoked migraines as the main fuel for relationship problems

- Only 6% of them have visited the doctor within the past three months for a complete diagnosis and a relevant treatment

It is clearly obvious that migraines are not to be treated lightly, because the side-effects can sometimes be extremely harsh. The patient will not be able to live a fulfilling life, will perform poorly at his job and might risk developing depression as a result. Migraines can last for days, weeks, or months on end, causing a great deal of discomfort along the way.

A migraine headache in Northbrook can sometimes be more upsetting than any other treatable condition, which is why we, at Northwest Neurology, treat it with utmost respect and consideration. A happy life is a healthy life, and one of the foundations of any happy life is experiencing a pain-free existence.

Migraine Headache Northbrook
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Migraine Headache Northbrook

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