Migraine Lake Barrington

Migraine Lake Barrington

Most people get confused when it comes to defining headaches and migraines. Since they seem to be manifesting similarly, people tend to think that the two terms are synonymous and they’re not. Here, at Northwest Neurology, we know that learning the difference between a simple headache and a migraine can make a world of difference when it comes to treating the problems.

A migraine in Lake Barrington can only be properly treated once the complete diagnosis has been put in place. And there is one simple difference between a headache and a migraine – the first one is a symptom, whereas the latter is a mental disorder of its own. In other words, a migraine will cause headaches, along with a series of other symptoms along the way.

Migraines generally have four stages they manifest through:

1. The Prodrome

This stage comprises of several symptoms that will announce the migraine couple of days before the disorder to come into full effect. The symptoms can be either subtle or more severe, and they might include constipation, frequent yawning, mood swings, alternating between euphoria and depression, food craving, neck stiffness and so on.

 2. The Aura

This next stage can get triggered either prior or during the migraines and not all patients go through it. The Aura targets the nervous system, causing visual phenomena and hallucinations, like seeing flashes of bright shapes and spots, vision loss, auditory hallucinations, difficulty speaking and uncontrollable body movements.

 3. The Attack

This is the stage where a specialist treating a case of a migraine in Lake Barrington would identify it as being in full effect. Migraines usually last between four and 72 hours if left untreated and they may grow to become quite intense. In many cases, there are other symptoms to be noticed outside headaches, including blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to lights, touch and sounds and even fainting in some cases.

 4. The Post-Drome

The final stage will settle things down, leaving you drained and powerless for several hours to a day. In addition to that, other symptoms may grow visible, such as dizziness, confusion, muscular weakness and mood changes.

The main problem here is that not all people go through the same stages. Some may skip one or more, depending on how migraines manifest in their case. Also, some may experience different symptoms than others. And because most people tend to conflict migraines with headaches coming from other causes, such as stress, flu, not drinking the daily dose of coffee and so on, there are a lot of cases of migraines that remain untreated.

We currently have no clear understanding of what is causing migraines in the first place. So far, scientists have suggested a mix between genetics and environmental factors. Whatever the case may be, every migraine in Lake Barrington can become dangerous if left untreated. This is why we, at Northwest Neurology, try to raise awareness on the danger and the downsides of migraines, as well as to provide some of the best methods of diagnosing and treating the condition, as it’s clearly one not to be taken lightly.

Migraine Lake Barrington
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Migraine Lake Barrington

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