MRI Scan Rolling Meadows

MRI Scan Rolling Meadows

You’ve received a referral for an MRI scan in Rolling Meadows. Now What? The choice you make with what you do with your referral can make all the difference in your ultimate results. You can bring your referral down to your local ER and be placed in a long line of waiting patients who will receive reasonable medical care, more or less- or you can call Northwest Neurology for the treatment you deserve.

Specialty Care Makes All the Difference

Why can you expect to receive better care from our Neurology Center? Our physicians are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and trained to perform and analyze MRI tests. While most patients are unaware that they have the right to choose their MRI provider, many go where their physician recommends that they go to have the test performed.

There’s more than one downside to allowing your physician to choose where you go for your MRI. Without checking your options, you may overpay, experience a long wait time, or rely on a mediocre physician to review your test results.

Good, Better, or Best

Why would you choose anyone but the very best with your MRI test? Rolling Meadows residents have a distinct advantage over patients living in other areas. Northwest Neurology is not only the best possible choice for having an MRI performed, but our highly-skilled physicians are also expert in performing the tests, evaluating the results, and correctly diagnosing any underlying condition that may be detected.

Calculate the Benefits

Deciding on MRI testing in Rolling Meadows is an excellent choice. MRI is considered one of the safest methods of testing for the majority of patients. Perhaps best of all, no special preparation is necessary before the screening. Merely show up to the time your physician requests, dress in comfortable clothing and remove all articles with metal before entering the MRI.

Scan images from an MRI test are far more precise than those from an X-ray or CAT scan, which means more accurate insight into what’s going on inside of your body. Most specialty facilities can have your results in as few as 24 hours.

What We Can Detect With MRI Technology

Tumors of the spine or brain

Strokes, cerebrovascular disease, brain hemorrhage

Vascular malformations

Multiple Sclerosis


Changes following radiation treatment

Pinched nerves

Chiari malformation

Brain malformation

Why Choose Northwest Neurology For your MRI scan in Rolling Meadows

We own the latest technology in MRI testing

We offer both neuro and non-neuro MRI services

You’ll save as much as 50% over what other facilities charge

We offer same day and Saturday appointments

Rapidly-available images

We offer a self-pay option to our patients

Your scan will be read by a trained neuroradiologist or MRI-fellowship trained radiologist

Our equipment features a wide-bore opening for a better experience

Don’t hesitate to call our office if you have questions about MRI testing, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment. Feel free to take a closer look at additional resources on our website to learn more about the MRI testing process and how it can benefit you.

MRI Scan Rolling Meadows
Northwest Neurology
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MRI Scan Rolling Meadows

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