MS Treatment Lake Barrington

MS Treatment Lake Barrington

Two key aspects make multiple sclerosis such a scary condition: it is challenging to diagnose, and it is even more difficult to treat. As far as we know, multiple sclerosis has no cure. But its symptoms can be controlled to a degree where the patient can live a healthy, fulfilling life; one which he can even deem it as happy. And this is what we, at Northwest Neurology, are most interested in: helping patients live happier lives, free of the biological and psychological burden of the condition.

The MS treatment in Lake Barrington consists of several stages like:

1. Establishing the diagnosis

This is the tricky part because multiple sclerosis can be quite slippery when it comes to defining it. There are four stages of multiple sclerosis, accepted as universally valid, even though not everyone experiences them. These are:: relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS), secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS), and progressive relapsing multiple sclerosis (PRMS) and, depending on the classification, the treatment may also vary.

2. Building disease-coping mechanisms and treatments

Here we include treatment programs which focus on neurophysiological approaches and infusion therapies where Solumedrol or Tysabri are required to minimize the impact of the symptoms. Heavy medication is one of the best ways to control the condition’s manifestations not just temporarily, but in the long-term as well.

3. Alternative treatments

A program constructing an effective MS treatment in Lake Barrington must consider resorting to a wide range of practices known to provide patients with psychological support and with a mechanism to cope with the disease. In this context, nutrition is essential, both referring to more drastic diets and dietary supplementation when needed.

These coping mechanisms are fundamental because we currently have no way of predicting or diminishing the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. All we can do is take action after the symptoms have become visible.

Living with MS every day

It may be a difficult thing to do, but it needs to be done since it is the only option available. When left untreated, multiple sclerosis can worsen with time, even leading to dysfunctional mobility or pneumonia.

Patients dealing with the disease will often experience higher levels of stress, because of not being able to overcome its manifestations. In this regard, everything can prove to be of use, so long as alternative treatments are mixed with the medical systems, proven to deliver objective results.

Patients with multiple sclerosis might deal with symptoms like dizziness, bowel problems, sexual dysfunction, muscular weakness and constant fatigue, depression or impaired thinking.

These symptoms and more suggest that, in treating the condition, different approaches are necessary, including:

- Rest sufficiently

- Exercise regularly

- Avoid elevating your body temperature

- Adopt healthier eating habits, specifically those including omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D

- Avoid stress

- Entertain your hobbies and spend more time with family and friends

An MS treatment in Lake Barrington, as we, at Northwest Neurology, have been able to determine, needs to focus on all aspects of a patient’s life. It is imperative to control the condition as best as possible and allow the patient to cope with the problem more effectively.

MS Treatment Lake Barrington
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MS Treatment Lake Barrington

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