MS Treatment Rolling Meadows

MS Treatment Rolling Meadows

Anyone can develop multiple sclerosis (MS). Men, women, young people, and old people have been diagnosed with MS. Yet, the highest concentration of MS cases occur in white people, particularly individuals of European lineage. Females are almost two times more likely to develop MS than males are. Further, there seems to be a connection to countries with mild climates, such as the United States and Canada, to a larger concentration of MS cases. Awareness can lead to life preservation.  We know who’s more likely to get MS, but nobody knows exactly what causes it.

We also know that other diseases can increase one’s chance of developing MS. Thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and type 1 diabetes can increase the possibility of developing MS. Also, those who smoke tobacco products have a higher chance than non-smokers of developing MS.

An MRI of the brain and spinal cord is one of the best and fastest ways to detect MS in its early stages. MS can be a debilitating disease for some, but if the host is proactive in getting diagnosed and treated, they can live a long and healthy life. Consider Montel Williams. Montel not only got treatment before it was too late, but he also made immense lifestyle changes when he found out he had it. Montel noticed he was having symptoms, and he went to his doctor for a checkup. After the initial shock of his diagnoses, Montel Williams became determined to fight his disease. He changed his diet, he changed his environment, and he changed his lifestyle. He’s been battling with MS for a long time, and he’s been winning. With the right attitude, most people can.

MS affects the central nervous system. It attacks and damages nerves throughout the body. Remission has been attained by many, but sometimes symptoms do recur. There is no known cure for MS, though the medical and scientific communities are working hard to find best treatments. As of now, the best thing we can do is help patients enjoy life with it. If you live in around Rolling Meadows, multiple sclerosis doesn’t have to be a death sentence for you or your loved one.

Northwest Neuro has some of the best MS doctors in Rolling Meadows. With multiple locations to choose from, you’re sure to find one that's close and convenient for you. Request an appointment if you are experiencing any symptoms associated with MS.

What to Look for

Symptom types, frequency, and severity differ from person to person. There’s a long list of potential MS warning signs. However, if you're experience one or more of these symptoms, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have MS. So don’t panic! Yet, you should get checked by a doctor if you are experiencing symptoms, especially if you’re experiencing a combination of symptoms.

Common symptoms of MS include pain, tingling, numbness to sensations, fatigue, balance problems, loss of control of bladder and bowel functions, ED, tremor, muscle stiffness, memory loss, depression, and even epilepsy. Rolling Meadows multiple sclerosis patients have a powerful friend to turn to.  The physicians at Northwest Neuro are here MS treatments because we care, and because together we can win the battle with MS. 

MS Treatment Rolling Meadows
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MS Treatment Rolling Meadows

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