Sleep Apnea Elk Grove

Sleep Apnea Elk Grove

If you manifest symptoms of sleep apnea, you need to take measures right now. Despite seeming benign, this condition will pose a severe risk to your long-term health. Northwest Neurology consists of professionals with vast experience in this medical field. We are here to not only identify and manage your problems but help you understand how to prevent them from relapsing.

Having to deal with sleep apnea in Elk Grove is generally more dangerous than most people think. Self-diagnosing the condition is out of the question. Snoring is a good indicator of the problem, but not everybody who snores has sleep apnea. In reality, we’re talking about a multitude of factors that should raise an alarm:

  • Loud snoring, causing you to wake up often during the night
  • The sensation of not being able to breathe (shortness of breath)
  • Pauses in breathing during sleep, which disrupts your sleeping patterns
  • Constant fatigue and drowsiness during daytime

These are all signs that something is wrong, it is for us to decide that with the help of extensive screening and diagnosing.

Why you need a sleep-study

We need to sleep so we can function normally throughout the day. When our sleeping patterns are continuously disrupted, the repercussions will be devastating in the long-run. We use sleep studies to identify sleep apnea in Elk Grove either in our center or directly at your home, using portable equipment for a plus of comfort.

The device we will be using will assess your heart rate, breathing, the oxygen levels, eye movements and the brain waves. These data will help build a concise mapping of your nighttime functioning. With the diagnose in place, we will then create the treatment plan depending on the findings.

In the long run, you will be collaborating with us to ensure the recovery process goes as planned. This way we will make sure the condition is entirely controlled and that the symptoms will disappear altogether.

Come to treat your sleep apnea now!

Sleep disorders are particularly deceiving. In many cases, people don’t even know they have them until the conditions have evolved past the benign stage. It is imperative to treat them as soon as possible, and our staff is ready to take on the task. What we offer includes:

  • Extensive experience in the field of neurological disorders
  • Professionalism combined with passion and commitment
  • A friendly and relaxing environment
  • Expert and helpful staff
  • Modern equipment and tested procedures
  • Extensive treatments
  • Patient-oriented care and support

Our team is ready to deal with your situation, no matter how difficult. If you want to prevent developing advanced stages of sleep apnea in Elk Grove, make an appointment now. We will schedule you for a screening process, and we'll take it from there.

At Northwest Neurology, we are interested in efficiency above everything else. Don’t ignore a problem that may cause a wide range of other issues. Contact us, and we’ll solve the problem in no time!

Sleep Apnea Elk Grove
Northwest Neurology
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Sleep Apnea Elk Grove

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