Sleep Apnea Rolling Meadows

Sleep Apnea Rolling Meadows

A large part of the US population is affected by sleep apnea. Not everyone has the privilege of getting a deep, sound sleep filled with little or no interruptions. Breathing difficulties experienced during sleep often cause a lot of individuals to snore. Once you notice that you are suffering from sleep apnea, kindly pay a visit to a Rolling Meadows sleep apnea specialist.

For your sleep apnea treatment, if you are searching for a reliable specialist to provide an adequate solution to your sleep apnea issues, kindly turn to Northwest Neurology. For several years now, our team of well-experienced, certified sleep therapists have been recognized to help patients all over Rolling Meadows provide an ultimate solution to their sleep apnea issues. We are one of the best Rolling Meadows sleep apnea specialist you can always turn to anytime you are having breathing difficulties while you sleep.

Top Class Sleep Apnea Treatment from Experienced Rolling Meadows Sleep Apnea Specialist

At Northwest Neurology, we offer top class treatment procedures for patients suffering from sleep apnea as well as those that snore while sleeping. We work with a team of experienced and qualified Rolling Meadows sleep apnea specialist that have undergone series of training on how to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Our sleep therapist will be in charge of choosing the ideal treatment option for you.

Often, the treatment option will depend on the severity of your sleep apnea. Recommended treatment options can range from lifestyle changes to mouthpieces, and so on. Regardless of the chosen option for you, nothing will be done to inconvenient you. We put your convenience first while trying to solve your sleep challenges. You can rest assured that the treatment options will fix the breathing difficulty that is making you unable to sleep well.

Lifestyle Changes

Our specialist will recommend specific lifestyle changes to patients suffering from mild sleep apnea. The lifestyle changes can occur including weight loss, clearing nasal passages, sleeping on the side, a decrease in alcohol consumption, desist from smoking, etc. These lifestyle changes may be all you need to solve your minor or mild sleep apnea challenges.

Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD)

Furthermore, we also have MAD treatment procedure for sleep apnea patients. Here, the patient will need to wear mouthpiece anytime they sleep. The mouthpiece will be cover the lower and upper teeth while holding the tongue steady during your sleep. Our expert team of Rolling Meadows sleep apnea specialist will provide a custom-fit mouthpiece for you.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (CPAP)

Our CPAP treatment procedure for sleep apnea at Northwest Neurology necessitates that patient puts on a mask whenever they intend to sleep. The mask will help in keeping your airway open and ensures that your breathing pattern remains unaltered. Count on our expert sleep therapists to provide a suitable and convenient mask for you.

Having Sleep Apnea Issues?

Choose our sleep apnea specialist at Northwest Neurology for your sleep apnea treatment procedure. We have your best interest at heart. Our sleep apnea treatment options are guaranteed to help provide a fast, practical, and lasting solution to your sleep apnea issues. With us, the days of experiencing breathing difficulties whenever you sleep will be a thing of the past.

Sleep Apnea Rolling Meadows
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Sleep Apnea Rolling Meadows

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