Tremors Symptoms Lake Barrington

Tremors Symptoms Lake Barrington

Tremor, or involuntary body movements symptoms, can occur for many reasons and are always symptomatic of an underlying problem. “Tremor” itself isn’t a medical condition. In the best case, tremor could be medication or drug-induced, caused by a traumatic event or neurological care/surgery, or even a vitamin deficiency. In the worst case, tremor could be symptomatic of a more serious illness.

The number one cause of tremor in medical patients is Essential Tremor (ET). However, tremor can also be symptomatic of many other diseases. Other common diseases that cause tremor are Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease, Supranuclear Palsy, Metabolic Derangement, and Wilson’s disease. If you live in Lake Barrington or Wisconsin and you are experiencing tremor symptoms, you should contact Northwest Neuro and see a tremor doctor.  IL locations are numerous throughout Chicagoland.

More About Tremors

Both men and women are affected equally by tremor, and there are two distinct categories of tremor.  The two categories are rest and action tremor. Rest tremor occurs when the limb or body part is supported against gravity. A good example would be hands shaking while resting on the table. Mental distress and general movements make rest tremor worse. Action tremor is further divided into three distinct sub-categories, which are static tremor, postural tremor, and kinetic tremor.

Static tremor occurs in limbs that are relaxed and supported. For example, think about your leg on the couch while you’re laying down. Common causes for static tremors are Parkinson’s Disease, Parkinsonism, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Postural tremor occurs when a person maintains a position against gravity, such as holding their arms outstretched. Postural tremors can also occur during body movements. Common causes are Wilson’s Disease, Essential Tremor, heavy metal poisoning, writer’s cramp, and other conditions.

Kinetic tremor, commonly referred to as “action tremor”, occurs during voluntary movements of upper body parts. If kinetic tremor becomes more violent as your coordinated movements reach their intended target, this is called “intention tremor.” This is indicative of a more serious condition like multiple sclerosis, vascular disease, and tumours.

Tremor Doctor in Lake Barrington Talk to a Specialist Today

If you think you're experiencing symptoms of tremor, the best and first thing you can do is see a neurological specialist. At Northwest Neuro, you can see a tremor doctor (Lake Barrington locations) right away, and find out what’s going on with you. All of our doctors are highly trained and experienced and can help you get relief.

In the meantime, there are effective steps you can take at home to decrease the frequency and severity of tremor. First, consider reducing or eliminating your intake of coffee and other caffeine-containing products.  Also, do everything you can to reduce stress levels in your day-to-day life.

Seeking physical therapy can improve coordination and muscle control, reducing symptoms from tremors. Bracing affected limbs during the tremor can help a sufferer gain motion control. Additional coordination exercises may help, including the use of weights, splints, or special plates.

Tremors Symptoms Lake Barrington
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Tremors Symptoms Lake Barrington

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