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As neurologists, our aim is to diagnosis, manage and treat (non-surgically) disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles.  Common symptoms that patients see neurologists for include headaches, seizures, memory loss, abnormal movements, dizziness, passing out, numbness, tingling, weakness, nerve pain, back pain, neck pain, possible multiple sclerosis, abnormal CTs and MRIs, and more. After taking a clinical history, the neurologist performs a neurological examination and discusses the findings with the patient.  Often, the neurologist suggests further evaluation with lab work and/or imaging.  Medication and physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation are often advised to treat neurological disorders as well.  Occasionally, referral to a neurosurgeon is recommended.

Please be prepared for your appointment by making sure your doctor has all of the information needed to provide the best possible care for you.  Bring an accurate medication list and as well as all pertinent CT, MRI and lab reports to your appointment, including EEG, EMG and blood test results. We look forward to your first visit!

Please complete the downloaded forms and bring them in with you on the day of your appointment.

We ask that you also bring in:

  • Insurance card(s) and Photo I.D.
  • Referral for HMO or POS Plans if required. If you are not sure, check with your insurance company or primary care doctor.
  • Co-Pay if applicable
  • All pertinent records
    • MRI/Radiology CDs and reports
    • Labwork/Bloodwork
    • EMG/ENG/EEG reports
    • Any other testing related to the reason for your visit

Please bring your records with you. Do not have them mailed or faxed to us. Please note that films or CDs require a written report. This information is necessary for the doctor to diagnosis and treat you. Patients who do not have insurance coverage must pay for their visit at the time of service or make payment arrangements with our insurance department prior to visit.

There is often a waiting list for appointments to see our physicians. If you need to cancel your appointment please call our office at 847-882-6604 and allow 48 hours notice so we may offer that time to another patient.


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